Our goal at Lafayette Lending is to provide real estate investors with the financing they need to secure their next fix-and-flip loan. Always looking to the future and planning for your next property, we understand your need to work with a bridge loan or hard money lender who can act quickly. Our fix-and-flip loans offer short-term mortgage financing so you can purchase, renovate, repair, and then sell your single-family home investment. Depending on your specific project, rates and terms will vary — ultimately providing you with the custom loan you need. We work hard to ensure our loan options are accessible to all types of investors.

Working with Lafayette Lending, you will find that our customer service goes above and beyond what you’re used to from conventional lenders. We understand the need to act fast and offer you fast closing options — typically within three-to-five business days — to ensure you don’t miss out on the investment property you’ve found. Our short-term single-family fix-and-flip loans are perfect for buying, adding value, and then selling or refinancing so you can reap the long-term benefits of your investment. When qualifying for our fix-and-flip loans — whether a bridge loan, hard money loan, or something that suits you even better — it’s beneficial to know the following when you start the process: purchase price, current value, estimated repair costs, and after-repair value.

Regardless of where you are in the process of securing your investment property, reach out to our team today to learn if a single-family fix-and-flip loan is right for you.