Looking for a fast home loan to help your funding for flipping houses? You’ve come to the right place, because Lafayette Lending has the options you need. We can help you find the perfect short-term home loan, whether you need a bridge loan or are looking for a hard money lender.

Take a look below to get some basic guidelines on our lending process. Looking for the best loan for flipping houses? Interested in funding to renovate a multi-family building? Either way, Lafayette lending is on your side and ready to talk. Contact us today!

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan allows you to get the funds you need right away so you can start on your project faster. Don’t stay at the mercy of the bank.

Hard Money Loans

If you need a home flipping loan quickly, but need an alternative to bridge loans, a hard money loan might work for you.


Fix-and-flip loans offer short-term mortgage financing so you can purchase, renovate, repair, and sell your investment property. Lafayette Lending can help.


Get a multi-family residence loan with terms that range from three months to three years. Our lenders are always quick to respond and offer fast closing options.

Mortgage Brokers

If you’re a broker who wants an exceptional lender for your client, get in touch with Lafayette Lending. We offer construction loans, fast closing, and more.