As an investor, if you’re looking to expand your market and invest in multi-family properties, the team at Lafayette Lending can help you get the short-term mortgage financing you need. With a multi-family bridge loan, you have the flexibility to create a flip loan that will work for your specific needs and visions for the property you’re purchasing. The terms of multi-family loans are often anywhere from three months to three years, which grants you the opportunity to quickly purchase a property, fix-and-flip it, then repay the loan amount. The loan can also bridge the gap for you from the time you acquire the property to the time you’re able to get conventional multi-family financing, depending on your long-term plans.

Our experts at Lafayette Lending can help you determine if a multi-family bridge loan is right for your project. With quick response times and options for fast closings, you can see the vision for your next real estate investment come to life in no time. Our short-term mortgage team will work with you to get the most competitive interest rate available, so you can get the most out of your investment. We promise exceptional customer service with long-term partnerships as our ultimate goal. We work with a network of local service providers to ensure we can point you in the right direction for every step of your project from broker and contractors to property management teams and more.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about multi-family bridge loans.