We make short-term loans to build long-term partnerships. We help you find target properties, provide local contacts, and offer personal assistance with every step. We deal with people seeking fix-and-flip loans every day, so we have our share of house flipper tips we can share with those who come our way.

We know the application process with traditional lenders can be complex and time-consuming, and their fast home loans are seldom as fast as most people would like. At Lafayette Lending, it’s disciplined but streamlined: We close short term mortgage deals in as little as five days. Funding for flipping houses has never been easier! Best of all, we draw on a rich trove of in-house assets — property management teams, familiarity with target markets, a broad network of contractors, brokers, etc. — to offer a full package of best-in-class services.

​So if you’re new to the market and are wondering how to get started flipping houses, or looking to expand with hard money loans, get in touch. Your dream investment is waiting, but it won’t wait for long. Get your flip loan now!