Investing in real estate is hard work; it requires time and money to be successful in your endeavors. It also involves getting your hands dirty, making mistakes and learning from your mistakes. But unlike in past times, you don’t have to learn on your own. Here are the five best real estate investing websites of 2019 to put you on the right path.

BiggerPockets (Blog)

Joshua Dorkin founded BiggerPockets in 2004 with the aim of building an online community for anyone interested in building wealth through real estate. With over one million registered members, the website is considered as one of the largest online communities. Its resources include forum posts, blog content, podcasts and a question and answer session that discusses some hard topics in real estate investing. The practical pieces of advice offered by this website make it a go-to-resource for both new and experienced investors.

Landlordology (Rental)

It’s owned by Cozy, an online property management company. Just as its name implies, it focuses on rental property investment. Unlike other real estate blogs, Landlordology focuses on simplifying rental investment for both landlords (property owners) and tenants by providing blog posts, insights, and market analysis. It is considered the best resource for new homeowners because it explains complex terms and provides readers with practical advice to help them go about their day-to-day investing businesses without hassle.

Mashvisor (Residential Real Estate Investing)

Mashvisor is another real estate investment website that focuses on residential investment space. This website aims to enlighten real estate investors and turn them into experts in the niche. The website is a real estate analytics platform and it offers insights, comps, and analytics in the residential investment space.

The website also focuses on rental properties and the search features allow you to look up properties in any part of the United States. The advanced search features also allow you to input specific details to customize your search results based on the type of properties and locations you are interested in. This will ultimately help you with your planning.

PeerStreet (Crowdfunding)

PeerStreet is a real estate crowdfunding site that allows investors to indirectly invest in any property of their choice. For example, a real estate investor may choose to invest in a single-family property or may want to spread their money throughout an investment portfolio to reduce the risk involved in investing without getting their hands dirty. This website can make your dreams come true!  Another interesting thing about this website is that investors are guaranteed an average return on investment (ROI) of between 6-12%. No wonder investors keep returning to the website!

LoopNet (Commercial Real Estate Investing)

Founded in 1995 and now with over 7 million registered users and more than 5 million unique monthly visitors, LoopNet is the largest and the most heavily trafficked commercial real estate marketplace. The website allows users to search for commercial properties that are listed for sale or lease. The company has a large inventory of listed commercial properties including industrial, retail, multifamily, land, and businesses.

With an advanced search tool, you get all the information you need to make decisions. The most amazing thing about the website is that you have access to neighboring properties, and this enables you to perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) with ease.