1. After-effect of COVID-19 for Real Estate Investors

    No doubt, coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed our views about everything. We can now work from home and be as efficient as we were in office; it is safer to stay at home than going to social gatherings; suburbs and rural areas seem safer than the congested cities. This has caused so many people to consider moving to less crowded areas. A survey of 2,050 adults by Harris Poll shows that 39% of city …Read More

  2. Needed a Home Loan? Here are Documents required by Private Lenders

    Hard money lenders are the best option for investors. Why? This is because funds are released in time and they required less paperwork to conventional lenders. However, their less stringent rules do not mean documents are not required before funds are released. So, if you need a home loan and do not qualify for conventional loans, here are documents you need to prepare before submitting a loan app…Read More

  3. Coronavirus: Its effect on the U.S. Housing Market 

    Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been a humanitarian challenge that will surely have a lasting effect on the way we live, interact, work and play. While it’s terrifying millions of people worldwide, its effects on the world's financial system should not be underemphasized. Since this is a concern to even the smallest among us, how does it affect the U.S housing market?  Foreign Demand for Real estat…Read More

  4. Reasons Investors Love Private Money Lenders and Why You Should Too!

    Private money lenders are the best options for property investors. This is because they have faster processing times, have less stringent rules, disburse funds quickly and most importantly, have the same view of investments as the borrower. So, if you are still skeptical of private lenders after the above list, below are further explanations on why you should do business with private lending firms…Read More

  5. COVID-19: what’s next in Real Estate? 3 things to expect post COVID-19

    We are experiencing a challenging time—both professionally and personally. Within the space of a month, COVID-19 has become a global top-of-the-matter subject. Economies are affected, markets are fluctuating, businesses are shutting down and panic surrounds us. One certain thing is that this time will surely pass. When all this mayhem fades away, what will be next? Here are some of the potential…Read More

  6. 5 Online Tools You Need as a Real Estate Investor

    Real estate investing requires extra work and an understanding of the industry to be successful. The advent of the internet has disrupted the industry. For example, some years ago, you need to attend paid conferences and seminars to know about the industry, but in recent times, you can learn so much about the industry online. This means real estate investing can be much easier if you know how to g…Read More

  7. What to do When Your Fix and Flip Goes Wrong

    The fix-and-flip strategy is no doubt lucrative and the most common way of building wealth within a short period in real estate. Like other businesses, things do go wrong. But when things go wrong, what should you do? Here are a few options you can consider. 1.     When Financing Fails Like the popular saying, “Money makes the world go around.” In real estate, especially the fix-and-flip s…Read More

  8. Tips to Successfully Deal with Contractors During Property Renovation

    Home improvement is just as overwhelming as buying a new property—it requires planning, financing and finding a qualified contractor. A successful property renovation means both homeowner and contractor clearly understand themselves and the project. Working with a contractor takes diligence and effort. Here are five tips to successfully deal with contractors during property renovation. Establish…Read More

  9. 4 Misconceptions Surrounding Fix and Flip Investments

    Investing in real estate is a lucrative business and a sure way of building wealth. Like other lucrative investments, real estate investing contains some myths. For this reason, we will be discussing four of the most common misconceptions about the fix-and-flip strategy. Flipping a property guarantees a higher ROI Home Flipping is an income source and a sure way of building wealth but not a smooth…Read More

  10. 3 Most Affordable US Housing Markets in 2020

    Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative investment strategies. For a higher ROI and cash flow, there are many factors to consider, the location being one of the most important. The U.S. Housing Market in 2019 was a great one. As 2019 comes to an end, the common question amongst investors (both new and old) is: Where are the next cities to invest in 2020? McAllen, TX McAllen is a city i…Read More