The world of real estate investment is fast-paced. The quicker you can find a property, put in an offer, close, and begin your next fix-and-flip project, the faster you can see a return on your investment and continue to expand your reach. If you’re looking for funding for flipping houses, a bridge loan will provide you with the flexibility and financing of a short-term mortgage that you can use for the purchase of your investment property, closing costs, and renovations. Bridge loans are extremely customizable, which means you’ll get a product with rates and terms to fit your needs in a flip loan.

At Lafayette Lending, we specialize in helping investors secure fast home loans for their investment projects. Our team works to ensure you get the most competitive interest rate along with a fast closing — typically within three to five business days — so you don’t have to waste any time before getting started on your latest vision. We also work with a strong network of service providers such as contractors, brokers, and property management teams so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

The Benefits of Bridge Loans

  • Fund your next project regardless of cash flow constraints
  • Obtain the flexibility and finances to move quickly on an investment property
  • Pay off your loan with the profits of your fix-and-flip

Reach out to our team of experienced lenders today to determine if a bridge loan is right for you.