1. How to Find Fix & Flip Property Leads

    How you can find fix & flip property leads focuses on sources to help you locate the best properties. We believe that engaging with real estate industry experts will help you to learn about the fix & flip industry. Joining Real Estate Investment Groups Real Estate Investment Groups (REIG), according to Investopedia, either build or buy properties and sell them to investors as rental proper…Read More

  2. Four Questions to ask a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Property

    Are any Repairs required? Knowing the repair works involved before buying aids decision-making. It allows you to know if the property is right for you. If repair work is not required now, asking this question can provide answers that make you immune to any future repairs. Moreover, this question is not only for you to be aware of the state of the property, but to know if the property is over-price…Read More

  3. Flipping vs. Renting: What to do with your Investment Property

    The main reason we do business is to make profits either in the short or long run. So, it is important to know if a strategy will be rewarding. Selecting between the two strategies depends on the type of profit you want to make. Profitability Flipping is an investment strategy where the investor acquires the property under market value, repair it, and sell it in a short time. This investment type …Read More