At Lafayette Lending, we focus on offering ideal financing options for real estate investors on an unbeatable timeframe. Founded in 2016, our experienced team at Lafayette Lending has more than 10 years of industry knowledge at our disposal. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive interest rates and origination points, as well as exceptional communication and fast closings. Led by Thibault Adrien, our team has been recognized for our excellence in lending by organizations such as Inc. 5000, American Association of Private Lenders, Forbes Real Estate Council, Bigger Pocket Member, Think Realty, and Information Management Network.

We know the application process with traditional lenders can be complex and time-consuming. At Lafayette Lending, it’s disciplined but streamlined: we close the deal in as little as five days so that you can get a fast home loan and make the deal. Best of all, we draw on a rich trove of in-house assets — property management teams, familiarity with target markets, a broad network of contractors, brokers, etc.— to offer a full package of best-in-class services. We make short-term loans to build long-term partnerships. We help you find target properties, provide local contacts, and offer personal assistance with every step. Wondering how to get started flipping houses? Need house flipper tips? We can help you with so many of the perilous steps.

If you’re new to the world of investment real estate, or you’re looking to expand your horizons, get in touch with us today. Your dream investment property is waiting, and a short-term home loan can help you get it faster.